Moscow Kremlin

Moscow Kremlin is a huge architectural complex. The complex contains palaces, cathedrals, towers and is fortified by the Kremlin Wall.

The Moscow Kremlin is the fortified residence of the President of Russia. It is hugely popular among tourists due to the many attractions within the complex and also simply due to it’s magnificent grandeur. The Kremlin’s list of attractions is long. The famous Kremlin Towers, of which there are now 20 and the Kremlin Walls were the first structures which were built back in the 15th century. The tallest of these towers is the Troizkaya, which is 73 metres high. The Cathedral Square is considered to be the centre of the Kremlin complex and has three cathedrals of magnificent architecture. The complex is also home to several palaces and also the Ivan the Great Bell Tower. In the south is the Armoury, which now serves as a museum and in the north is the Arsenal, which even today is militarily active and houses the Kremlin Regiment.